Priority Fuels commitment to showing customers how turning there most non - performing asset, there home, into a great investment is unparalleled in today's energy standards . Energy consumption will decrease your income roughly 3 % a year, up grading or building a new house with a geothermal system will routinely pay for itself  in 3- 5 years, increase your future funds for your kids college tuition while allowing you to avoid future energy price fluctuations with oil, and gas.

Our extensive experience combined with ongoing training in on demand, and solar thermal hot water systems , allows Priority to help lower your homes energy cost in many ways. Please feel to call us so we can help you in the future movement to a zero energy home, our motto is no gas no oil just set the thermostat and for get it.

W e offer:
• Installation of new equipment
• Replacement, retrofits and renovations to existing HVAC systems
• Geothermal heating and cooling systems
• Natural gas log fireplace heaters
• Installation and repair of swimming pool heaters
• Customized preventative maintenance agreements
• Emergency service 24/7
• Diagnosing/problem-solving and system analysis
• Installation to manufacturer’s specifications
• Consultation